The principles involved in taking account of security considerations when making policy decisions on renovation and urban planning have been formalised and have produced results – observed notably in the English-speaking world. Situational prevention includes the anticipated protection of anything that is liable to present the occasion for committing an offence. It involves a combination of elements designed to improve the safety of premises, products, urban amenities, means of payment and intervention procedures in case of incidents. Within this framework, prevention by design is an important element as a means of anticipating criminal acts, but it is not by any means the only one.

Since 2007, ESSPs have brought together all the skills that AFL Conseil possesses, through its various missions involving urban diagnosis, the organization of the functions of security in public and private shared spaces, and the securization of private spaces accessible to the public.

AFL Conseil intervenes in the most complex of situations which require collaborative work between the various stakeholders to find safety solutions that are original and specific to the problem; these situations necessitate the highest standard of performance in identifying safety problems and their solutions.

ESSP (Security and Public Safety Studies)