The identification, understanding and reduction of an organization’s major weaknesses necessitate firm control over one’s environment and its risks, as well as a good knowledge of oneself and of others. The auditor brings an external perspective to the risks which bear upon an organization, to observed or anticipated threats, to weaknesses in protection, and to failure factors.

AFL Conseil offers a service to organizations and to their mandated executives that comprises a wide range of skills:

  • an expertise in risks and in the evolution of threats,
  • a method of elucidation of the organization’s environment which executive directors can easily take on board,
  • a method of taking account of and of evaluating all the elements that protect an organization – on human, technical, organizational and contractual levels,
  • the skill to make a synthetic analysis of an organization’s vulnerable points so as to enable executives to fix objectives and measures, and to schedule improvements,
  • a feedback on experience resulting from measures taken in other organizations.

The prioritization of risks, weaknesses, vulnerable points and recommendations is the first objective of the auditor. Our expertise has been successfully put to the test in a number of fields of activity:

  • Organizational audits of public or private security,
  • Data protection audits,
  • Physical security audits of complex industrial, commercial or service industry sites,
  • Stock-flow and transportation management audits,
  • Social Housing audits,
  • Victimization studies for local authorities; anticipatory studies on emerging risks for large companies…

Audits & Studies